Gavin Regnaert: Comic Pack style (customs)

I feel like I say this every time I post.  Go. On. Facebook.  Check. Out. OWN. O-ring. Warrior. Nation.

Seriously, the amount of great stuff here is awesome.  Gavin Regnaert has made a ton of slightly altered figures which I think fit in well with the comic packs made several years ago.  I didn’t save everything, but here is a sample of what he has done.


Kwinn_Lives: Duke, Stalker, Crusher, Chopper, and more! (customs)

Kwinn_Lives, over at, has uploaded a ton of customs.  Check out a few of them below: Duke, Stalker, Crusher, Chopper, Zandar and Zarana, Gung Ho, Deep Six, Shipwreck, and Roadblock.

To see more of his work, follow this link to