Mike T: Rarities Month 2

Mike has started his second Rarities Month.  Check out some great reviews, including the Argen 7, Imperial Procession, Canadian VAMP and MMS, Budo, DeSimone figures, and unproduced Laser Viper as well as 2003 Convention figures.


Mike T: HISS, Cobra Commander, Red Star, Iceberg, Blizzard, Stalker, Major Bludd, Lamprey, & Scrap Iron

Mike is a beast. Seriously, I can’t believe how much I have missed in the last five weeks.  Reviews, Around the Webs, Dioramas: Mike is doing a great job.  Here are links to some of his most current posts.

Joe-A-Day: Wild Bill, Alley Viper, Pathfinder, Big Brawler Reviews & more!

Well, I am trying to get caught back up for the new year.  Joe-A-Day has reviewed several figures for us this time:

I also wanted to include some of the Backyard Battles pictures from the site as well: