Larry Hama Action Figure (Kickstarter)

So, it’s not o-ring or ARAH, but this is totally worth sharing.  The man himself, Larry Hama, is getting his own action figure!  Brought to you by the Adventure People/Eagle Force crew, this Kickstarter is already over 200% funded.

For information, check out the Kickstarter  now!



Krexx: Heads, Torsos, and Legs (sculpts)

Things are exploding lately for o-ring fans!  If you haven’t already, friend Krexx Radek on facebook and ask him to be part of his “Krexx ARAH Sculpts” group.  You will not be disappointed.  It has been a while since I posted his last sculpts, so enjoy everything that he has been doing by viewing the images below.

The best part about these is that he really is covering a lot of ground, from Marvel to Sunbow to Devil’s Due, even some new sculpt pieces, there is something here for everyone to love!