Mike T: HISS, Cobra Commander, Red Star, Iceberg, Blizzard, Stalker, Major Bludd, Lamprey, & Scrap Iron

Mike is a beast. Seriously, I can’t believe how much I have missed in the last five weeks.  Reviews, Around the Webs, Dioramas: Mike is doing a great job.  Here are links to some of his most current posts.


toy-nutz: Cobra Diver & Paratrooper

Wow!  It’s been nearly a month since I have posted.  I have multiple tabs and messages on all my devices with items I would love to post.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas, time really has gotten away from me.

Back on topic, here are two customs that toy-nutz did for a Joecustoms Group Project.  You can see more information on the Diver here and the Paratrooper here.

*Update: After posting this, I realized that toy-nutz had made more figures for this project.  Check out Zandar, Flying Scorpion, Black Vulture, Jungle Viper, EELs, Land Adventurer, Recondo, Claymore, and Turcoro.

3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe ®: A Real American Hero™ Vol. 3

Though technically this blog is about o-ring figures, expect me to highlight other great compliments to the A Real American Hero figure collection, including vehicles, comics (Larry Hama-verse only, of course), and in this instance, artwork, sketches, and pre-production looks into our favorite figures.

In conjunction with Steel City Publishing, LLC, Dan Klingensmith Jr. is bringing us Vol. 3 of his 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe ®: A Real American Hero™.  The Kickstarter is just above 71% funded with eight days left.  Check it out and support this venture!

Here are some sample pages from the book:

If this doesn’t fire you up, then your wood’s wet!  While you are at it, order some prints, previous volumes, or get yourself a bookmark.  Yojoe!