Red Lasers Army: B.A.T. figures

Red Laser has taken over Black Major’s production of custom B.A.T.s.  Check out all the great images below.

From Red Laser:

For the month of November, all 8 packs of BATS are on for $75.00 each. That’s a whopping $21 off each 8 pack. I need to make way for the new arrivals in early December….

So that includes Iron Bats, Iron Bat Commanders, Shockbats, Soundbats, Stinger Bats, Vampire Bats, and The Baron’s Iron Bats. No mixing and matching, this sale is for 8 of a kind only. Of course I’m displaying just one of each type below. I’ll be posting this everywhere – and it applies to private sales or ebay. Multiple private sales always get a little extra though

If you’re not familiar with these, they are professionally made and painted. These are not hand made or made from resin. Thanks!

You can private message me, or search out RedLasersAuctions on ebay :)

*Individual pictures from

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